27 May 2020 (20:32)

Runes are now available in magic shops

Dear Classictibians!

From now on you can purchase runes from the magic shops for the same prices that the 7.5 NPCs did sell them.
We've decided to make that change, so that players can focus more on playing the game itself, instead of passively waiting and making all of their own runes.
13 February 2020 (17:48)

Tasks System

Dear Classictibians, little improvements are coming!

Dragons had been added to global tasks. Aron the Task Manager is at your services.

In the next couple of weeks every player will have a chance to meet some of the legendary monsters of Tibia.
Aron called his brother for cooperatation in joining the old lands and a special area where death comes much more often than success.

The rumors are one cannot attempt to survive this dangerous travel alone.

And who knows, great rewards might be awaiting for the bravest of heroes!
Your character can be tele... UGRH NEVERMIND!

Classictibia staff wishes you succees at exploring the Classictibia lands!

Good luck!
20 November 2019 (19:05)

Aron Task Manager!

Dear Classictibians, Aron Task Manager arrived on Classictibia lands!

Aron offering some rewards in exchange for some heads of Classictibia mob's.
He is waiting for everyone nearby Thais depot!

General rules:

Its not necessarily to choose which one monster you want to kill.
You can killing all the mobs in one time and check your progress every time you want.

Genereal command about the kill status:
!kill rotworm
18:50 You have killed 0 rotworm!

List of the available mob's Rotworms, Skeletons, Ghouls, Dwarf Guards, Giant Spiders, Ancient Scarabs, Dragon Lords and Demons
If everything will be correct, the list will be update for some more monsters.

The taks has some various levels and rewards.
x100 killed of mobs
x200 killed of mobs
x300 killed of mobs

For every stack rewards is other, it will surprise what king of reward will be for you :)

Watch out brave Classictibians, if you will die, your progress will fall to 0 on all the monsters!

Classictibia staff wishes good luck about the hunting and rewards!
26 October 2019 (09:41)


Dear Classictibians.

Tortola is already available.
Experience its already increased for this special weekend.

Good luck my dears.
New adventure is on Classictibia lands!
12 October 2019 (11:23)

Tortola is coming!

Dear Classictibians, in last days you could feel some problems with a server.
It was necessary becouse we need  test some things about new island :)

Tortola was visible long time ago from Minotaur Pyramid.
Some weeks ago the islands volcanoes become active.
The Kings decide to preapare expedition to the new island.
The plan of implementation new island is below:

1. Island will be available for premmy account only.
All respawn's will be complete about monsters exping loot etc
Not all quest will be done :(
Epic quests will be visible but not possible to done it :(
Still working about the plan, the reward will be insane.
Some smaller quest already done, but not all please ba patient abput this case.

Tortola will be available on 26.10.2019 after save server.
Please report all the issue in a bug section.
New adventure is coming good luck Classictibians!


18 May 2019 (12:31)

First player to reach level 200

Dear Classictibians!

Torre, a member of the guild Nostalgia, has become the first person on the lands of Classictibia to reach level 200.

Congratulations are in order!
17 April 2019 (19:29)

News about the server

Dear Classictibians!

First of all, we want to express that we're sorry about the delay of the update.
Currently, there's only two of us working on the content and we've had some real-life issues that we needed to address before resuming our work on the server.
However, our progress on the new content is not abandoned and the update will eventually happen.

The goal of our server still hasn't changed from the very beginning – all we want is to allow the players to relive the times of Tibia 7.4.
We also want to assure you that the server will remain online for the years to come and the characters will never be deleted.
05 December 2018 (22:17)

Santa Claus!

Dear Classictibians!

We've heard rumours, that tomorrow Santa Claus will visit the island of Vega.
He's known for giving everyone presents of similar value, although his mischevious elves have hidden a few valuable items in his bag!

Every player will be able to get a single present.
Santa will leave us on the 12 of December.
28 November 2018 (22:50)

Experience statistcs and update teaser

Dear Classictibians!

We're currently working on adding experience statistics to our website.
Aside from the feature itself, there will be a small monthly reward awarded to the players gaining most experience in various categories.
More details will be posted once the statistics are introduced, which will happen within a couple of weeks.

We're also working on completing the new hunting areas. The update is scheduled to happen in a few weeks.

Let me present you with teaser screenshots below:


02 October 2018 (22:36)

Upcoming update

Dear Classictibians!

On the next Sunday, there will be an update taking place.
It will introduce instant travel by a ship without having to wait in a queue.
Aside from that, some other bugs will be fixed, including the one with protection zone squares that shouldn't be there.

Due to the update, the server will be offline on Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00 CEST.

Later in the following week, we will reintroduce the monster of the week system.
Each week there will be some monsters yielding bonus experience points.
More information regarding bonus monsters will be included on a new subpage of a website that will be added in a few days.

In other news, we've recently tuned Dragons and Dragon Lords so that their fire attacks have a higher exhaust rate.

09 July 2018 (19:34)

Account security

Dear Classictibians!

In the past few weeks, there's been a couple of incidents of people losing access to their accounts.
We strongly encourage you not to use the same passwords as you've used on different servers.
We also recommend you to change your password if it's one of the most often used passwords worldwide, such as "qwerty", "123456", "abc123", "qwaszx".

22 June 2018 (00:13)

A new poll

Dear Classictibians, today, we have launched a new poll, which can be found here.
The poll regards adding new hunting areas in the spirit of Tibia 7.4, with no new monsters introduced.
To vote, your account needs to have at least one character of level 30 or higher.
10 June 2018 (23:19)

Open Tibia Client

Dear Classictibians, I have quite a few good news to share with you today!

The new OT client will be available within two weeks.
At first, before we find any remaining bugs, you will be able to connect to Classictibia using both the old and the new OT client.
After the transition period, you will be able to join only using the new OT client.

This client will prevent people from using cheat engines. It will also enable people with technical difficulties to play normally.
Thanks to the new client, fixing any existing bugs will be much easier.
OT client will also allow us to add new content, although every single change will be consulted with you guys via a poll.

Monster of the week system is disabled for now. We will make a poll, in which you will decide if you want it to continue, and if so, in what form.

Also, damaging a stack of players with a single target runes now works correctly.
05 June 2018 (23:55)

Classictibia Wiki

Dear Classictibians, I'm very pleased to announce that a Classictibia Wiki will soon be available!
The wiki is being created by our newly appointed tutor – Zornak.
It will contain all the basic information about our server.
Over time, we will fill it with more detailed content.
The basic version should be online within a couple of weeks.

22 May 2018 (21:22)

A new epic quest

I'm glad to announce that the next server save will bring an update to the lands of Classictibia!
We've added a new epic quest for your to solve.
As is the case with all our epic quests, its main reward can only be acquired by a single person.
The new epic quest is a little more visible than the ones that already exist, although it doesn't mean it'll be any easier to solve.
We encourage all adventurers to venture underground in search for priceless treasure!

08 May 2018 (22:48)

Character migration and addition of Rashid

We've decided to transfer all characters from the Brazilian server to the European server.
Both servers shared same rates from their respective launch, so in this regard, there's no injustice to worry about.
Brazilian characters have been transferred without their equipment for technical reasons.
We hope that you will give them a warm welcome to our community.

Rashid, the merchant has also been added to the game.
He's willing to buy some of the items that other merchants are not interested in.
23 January 2018 (21:57)

Upcoming changes

I'm pleased to inform that we’ve resumed our work on the new client, which will greatly reduce the possibility of cheating and will allow us to fix most of the bugs that you've been encountering!
Our Game Masters will be more active from now on as well.

We're very grateful to all the people that are still with us.
Give us just a little bit more of your patience, the future will bring great things to Classictibia!
12 March 2017 (13:39)

New area is now implemented!


I'm proud to announce that today we've implemented a new area to the lands of Classictibia!
The new land is full of dangers and riddles awaiting valiant heroes.
Only a handful of people managed to venture into this area and come back alive. Those who did are telling tales of mighty wizards that spread chaos and death.
Who knows, perhaps there's a great treasure hidden among the powerful creatures?
Good luck to all the brave explorers!

11 March 2017 (10:39)

Monster of the week #7

This weekend's monsters of the week are Mummy and Amazon.
Enjoy the hunt!

03 March 2017 (20:54)

Monster of the week #6

This weekend's monsters of the week are all species of Dwarves, with the exception of Dwarf Guards having a bonus of 1,25 instead of 1,5.
Enjoy the hunt!

The bonus is also working on the BR server.
25 February 2017 (11:29)

Monster of the week #5

This weekend's monsters of the week are Ghouls and Crypt Shamblers.
Enjoy the hunt!

The bonus is also working on the BR server.

17 February 2017 (23:46)

Monster of the week #4

This weekend's monsters of the week are Behemoths and Cyclops.
Enjoy the hunt!
10 February 2017 (00:35)

Monster of the week #3

This weekend's monsters of the week are Scarabs and Ancient Scarabs.
Enjoy the hunt!

02 February 2017 (14:42)

Update on monster of the week

Thank you for all your feedback regarding monster of the week.
We've decided to change the exp and drop rates of the event monsters to x1.5.
Every week there will be two monsters of the week, one for the low-leveled players and one for the high-leveled players.
The event will occur every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, instead of the whole week.
For this weekend, monsters of the week are Rotworms and Dragons!

25 January 2017 (12:01)

We are introducing monster of the week!

Starting today we are introducing monster of the week system.
Every Wednesday a single kind of monster will have its experience and loot yield doubled for a week.
The type of monster will be chosen randomly.

Minotaur is the first monster of the week.

If you have any feedback regarding the system, feel free to leave a comment.

18 January 2017 (23:06)

First new quest teaser


A settler named Lester first arrived to these lands with his people many years ago.
As a wise man he made a pact with the local bandit chieftain.
The two groups were to live together in peace if the bandits helped Lester's men in building the first major settlement of the region.
The bandits agreed and so the settlement was built without starting a conflict.
As the years went by, forces commanded by Lester grew stronger. He was no longer satisfied with the pact.
He decided to construct a wall around the settlement to keep the bandits away, build a harbor to start maritime trade and train some of his men as soldiers so they would guard the colony.
Alas, Lester has overestimated his own strength.
The bandit chieftain had recruited the best mercenaries these lands had to offer.
Knowing the terrain surrounding the settlement they managed to sneak inside and retake it from Lester's men.
Lester knew he was doomed. He instructed his two sons to split up and run away.
The older son was sent to the west. His younger brother - up north.
Lester also had a third, bastard son Daniel, whom he suspected of treason. As his last order while still in power, he banished Daniel.
Afterwards, Lester did all he could to focus the attention of the bandits on himself so that his sons could run away.
He ventured deep inside the nearby cave carrying his most treasured items hoping to hide it before the bandits get to him.
Since that day his two sons are plotting to retake the settlement from the bandits and to reclaim their father's legacy.


09 January 2017 (23:23)

First classictibia football championship

I'm happy to announce that we are going to organize the first classictibia football championship on 15.01.2017 17:00 (CEST).
The event will take place on the EU server.
Rules and other details will be disclosed in-game on the day of the event.
The winners will receive a football with a special dedication.
I hope to see you there!
26 December 2016 (20:39)

An event with a special reward

On Wednesday (28.12.2016) we are going to organize a special event, the reward will be an item that is impossible to acquire through regular quests.
Get ready for a serious battle, it's not going to be a piece of cake!
The reward will be given to a random player who will take part in the event, good luck!
The event is scheduled to start on the EU server at around 18:00(CEST).
Don't forget to tell your friends about it!
11 December 2016 (03:25)

Pits of inferno

I'm happy to announce that Pits of inferno hunting spot is now available on Classictibia.
It is possible to enter the area using the same method that was introduced in later Tibia versions.

What's more, sometime in the future we will introduce our own, Tibia 7.4 adjusted, variation of Pits of inferno quest.
I'm going to provide more details about the quest closer to the date of its release.

I would also like to use this occasion to thank CM Rid for successfully organizing Capture the barrel event.
Congratulations to the winners:
Alvah, Demolution Freezer, Lord Tams, Maurhex, Nikodem, Sir Lezi and Zieloniuutki, from the EU server.
Donajerusa, Madness Inbound, Moon Betrayed Me, Morais, Regin Nakamite, Roan Sniper, Sasha Grey and Trunks from the BR server.
Thank you everyone else for participating!
24 November 2016 (20:56)

Capture the barrel event

I have the pleasure of announcing a Capture the barrel event, that is going to take place on both Classictibia servers.
The dates are 26.11.2016 18:00(CET) for EU and 3.12.2016 18:00(BRST) for BR.

The rules:
The event will take place on arena.
Players will be split into two equal teams, red and green. The limit of players in each team is set to 15.
Should there be more players willing to take part in the event, there will be a minigame to determine the 30 participants.
Both teams have the same objective; to push more barrels into their base than the other team.
It is allowed to steal the barrels from the opposite team's base.
Barrels will be located in the middle section of the arena.
The barrels are indestructible.
The format is best of 3 rounds. Each round will last for 20 minutes.
There will be around 40 barrels in the first round, around 20 in the second, and around 10 in the third, placed at random in the arena.

Members of the winning team will receive a souvenir commemorating their victory.
See you all there!

18 October 2016 (14:28)

New client with upgraded cheating protection!

Starting after the next server save a new Classictibia client will be required to connect to both servers.
You can find it in the Download section of our website.
It is equipped with a system that will result in the game crashing when trying to use illegal software.

06 October 2016 (01:27)

Update on the Brazilian server's situation

We've gained the access to the new hosting for the Brazilian server.
It should be back online in a few hours!

04 October 2016 (04:58)

European and Brazilian server's hosting situation

We've successfully moved the European server to a new hosting. There should be no further problems with the DDoS attacks.

As for the Brazilian server; we've already purchased a new dedicated hosting located in Miami.
The server will be moved as soon as we gain access to the new host (which should happen in less than 48 hours).
Meanwhile, Brazilian server is still being attacked. It is not safe to hunt dangerous creatures for now!

03 October 2016 (22:42)

Update on the situation

Our servers are going to be offline in about 30 minutes.
We are moving the European server to a new hosting with better DDoS protection. The downtime will last for about 60 minutes.

As for the Brazilian server; we've already purchased a new dedicated hosting located in Miami. The server will be moved as soon as we gain access to the new host (which should be in 12 to 48 hours from now).

03 October 2016 (14:01)

DDoS attacks on both servers, new hosting

Last night both of our servers have experienced DDoS attacks.
This resulted in some downtime of the Brazilian server and troubles with connection to the European server.
Right now, our priority is to ensure that DDoS cannot harm us anymore.

We are going to move the hosting of both servers to providers that can ensure a DDoS protection of better quality.
The European server will be moved to a better-protected dedicated server either today or tomorrow in the night hours.
As for the Brazilian server; we do realize that many of you guys wanted it to stay in Brazil and that's why we've waited with the decision for a few days. Sadly, the current hosting provider is not able to shield us from serious DDoS attacks.
When the attack is of a major size the current hosting provider null-routes our server (makes it impossible to connect with) for 2 hours, which is unacceptable. DDoS protection offered by other Brazilian hosting companies is not good enough either.
For that reason, we are forced to move the server to USA soon.

We're sorry for all your inconveniences that were a result of last night's attacks.
29 September 2016 (18:36)

Today's unscheduled server save

Today there was an additional server save on both worlds that was needed in order to fix an issue with the Brazilian server. There was supposed to be a 45 minute countdown before the server save, but sadly it didn't work as intended. We're very sorry for the inconveniences.

We have dealt with all the issues that started a couple of days ago after the Brazilian server's hosting crashed. There will be no more unscheduled server saves. We've also made sure that it's impossible for another rollback to happen.
5 premium days have been added to your accounts as a recompensation for the recent problems.
28 September 2016 (00:13)

About the rollback on the European server

We are very sorry about the rollback that happened today. It was caused by the issues with the database that arised after the Brazilian server crashed.
We've made sure that a rollback like that will not happen again.

Sadly, there will be no recompensations, as it is not possible to determine what was lost by who.
27 September 2016 (22:00)

New hosting for the Brazilian server

Today the servers of the company hosting our Brazilian world went down without prior warning, we couldn't do anything about it.
We cannot accept a situation in which our provider behaves in this manner.

We truly wanted to make it work in Brazil, but sadly, we will have to move the hosting to USA in order to make sure the server is stable.
The Brazilian world will be moved to, most likely, Miami or Atlanta in a few days. Most of the people outside of Brazil should have at least as good if not a better ping to the new location (some of the players suffered from a ping of +200 due to the way connection routing is handled).
As for the people from Brazil, you can expect a ping of about 100-120ms, which is definitely playable.

Sadly, there will be no recompensations for the rollback that happened due to the hosting's crash, as it is not possible to determine what was lost by who. We will, however, add 2 days of premium time to every account.

Starting after the next server save, the state of the game will be saved once every hour (which may cause a 2-second lag) so that if the current hosting crashes again the rollback won't be long.

Moving the server DOES NOT mean there will be a reset of characters.

22 September 2016 (21:07)

New hosting for the European server

Tonight at 04:00(CEST) we will begin the process of moving the server to the new hosting. As a result, Classictibia will be offline for 30 to 60 minutes. The reason behind that change is the lack of improvement of our current provider's stability.
19 September 2016 (14:56)

The change of European server hosting

We are going to change the provider of our European dedicated server in a few days.
The reason behind the change is the lack of improvement of our current provider's stability.

11 September 2016 (04:30)

New launch date of the Brazilian server

We have changed the launch date of the Brazilian server to 25.09.2016 17:00(BRT).
The reason behind this change is the fact that we want to have the proxies ready by the time we launch the server, so that all the players from both Americas can enjoy a good ping. We wouldn't be able to do that on time without postponing the start of the server.

05 September 2016 (23:59)

Launch of the Brazilian server!

I'm happy to announce that the Brazilian server
(hosted in Sao Paulo) is going to launch on 17.09.2016 17:00(BRT).
It will be identical to the European server.
Later this week our website will be changed to accommodate both servers.
Character creation on the Brazilian server will be enabled a few days before the server launch.
It will be possible to create characters on both servers using a single account.
02 September 2016 (23:41)

Introduction of arena

As of today, we've introuced the pvp arena.
Its purpose is to provide you with a place where you can practice your player vs player combat abilities without the risk of losing your hard-earned experience points.
In order to enter the arena, talk to any city's temple NPC (Hello, arena, yes).
To leave the arena, speak with Monk of War who is located in arena temple (Hello, back, yes).
Dying in arena has no consequences, runes are infinite. Be warned, however, that amulets and rings, do function just as outside of arena and using them will consume its duration/amount of charges.

As for the kicks occuring lately, we've taken measures with our provider and have been assured that the situation will get better.
However, if the current situation continues we will change our hosting.
04 August 2016 (20:37)

New community manager

Today a new community manager joins the staff of Classictibia.
Please give a warm welcome to CM Rid!
You can message Rid with any issues and suggestions you guys have.
24 July 2016 (03:09)

Shared exp system

The new client that will be required to connect to Classictibia after next server save is now available in our download section.

Requirements of shared exp system:
1. All party members have to be within 30 sqm of each other.
2. Every party member has to deal damage to a monster or heal a member of the party at least once every minute.
3. The permitted minimum level in party is determined by following formula: ((highest lvl in party*2)/3)

To enable/disable shared exp the leader of the party has to right-click himself and choose either enable or disable shared exp option.
The party leader cannot be in battle when enabling/disabling shared exp.

When the shared exp is enabled you can tell if the 3 requirements of shared exp are fulfilled by checking the colour of your skull in party. If it's yellow, the exp is shared, if it's green shared exp is not enabled.

There might be some visual issues with the white experience numbers showing after killing a monster.
22 July 2016 (21:19)

New client with the shared exp system

Tomorrow we are going to introduce the shared exp system.
I will post the details about how the system works once it is released.
It will be necessary to download a new client. The client will be uploaded tomorrow as well.
15 July 2016 (18:56)

Dedicated server issues

The company that is hosting our dedicated server (OVH) is currently experiencing some issues with the stability of connection.
For this reason, the server is currently closed so that the players won't die to kicks. It will, hopefully, be a matter of minutes before it'll be safe to open it again.


14 July 2016 (17:10)

The conclusion of polls

The polls have now concluded.
Thank you for your votes!

61% of you have voted in favour of lowering the exp rate past level 100.
In order to make the transition smoother I've decided to set the exp rate at levels 100 to 150 to x1.5. At level 151 the rate goes down to x1.

75% of you have voted in favour of introducing the shared exp system. That's what I will now be working on.
07 July 2016 (21:53)

Polls and compensation update

The polls are now added. You need to have at least one character beyond level 20 to cast a vote. The polls will last for 5 days.

As for the weekend compensation; lots of you have messaged me saying you don't want the 48 hours of increased exp rate to happen.
I've reconsidered and decided that only the bonus gold (x2) will occur.
06 July 2016 (23:38)


We are very sorry about the rollback happening.
As a compensation during this weekend (09.07 05:00 CEST - 11.07 5:00 CEST) experience rate will be changed to x3 and gold rate will be changed to x2.
UPDATE: Lots of you have messaged me saying you don't want the 48 hours of increased exp rate to happen.
I've reconsidered and decided that only the bonus gold (x2) will occur.

Also, tomorrow I will post a poll in which you will decide if we should implement shared exp system and also another poll about the exp rate after level 100.
06 July 2016 (01:32)

Rollback and compensation

Due to server crashes we'll have to make a rollback to state from 23:50 05.07.2016 CEST as soon as we deal with the whole issue. We are sorry for your loss. There will be a compensation for everyone. 

Thank you for your understanding.
01 July 2016 (06:08)

The new client is now available

The new client required to connect to Classictibia is available in our download section.
Using illegal software will result in the client kicking and debugging your character.
Some of the illegal software may still be working, but only until the server-side algorithm analzyes and blocks it!

To download TibiaMovie click on the "TibiaCam" button located below the "Enter Game" button in the client.
29 June 2016 (19:55)

New client and TibiaMovie

The new client is going to be released soon.
It will be required in order to play Classictibia starting 1.07.2016 05:00 CEST (after the server save).
It will render all the widely known cheat engines unusuable!

Aside from that, a working version of TibiaMovie will be released at the same time. It will allow you to film your in-game adventures.
13 June 2016 (21:00)

The first day of Classictibia

All of the issues you guys have reported have already been fixed or will be fixed by the next server save!
Use the ctrl+r channel to report all the problems that you encounter.

Also, I would like to congratulate Saloth Sar for being the first player to have reached mainland.
12 June 2016 (14:33)

Game client

Our client is now available in the download section. There's only 5 hours left until the server launch!
11 June 2016 (20:36)

About the launch tomorrow

We expect quite a lot of players on the launch day. Rookgaard will be overloaded. We've thought about how to solve this issue and we've decided to implement a system where the experience rate on Rookgaard changes from x2 to x4 when there is more than 100 players with no vocation logged in at the same time (The change is announced by an automated message). This should make the Rookgaard experience more enjoyable despite the fact the island will be crowded. It is a one of a kind thing, no further changes in rates will ever happen.

We've also finished working on the house auction system. It is now available at the website. It was the last thing we had to do before the server launch. We are now fully prepared for the start!
09 June 2016 (12:41)

Regarding client and premium

There are only 3 days left until the server launch. Make sure you share the news with your friends!
Here's our newly created fanpage.

Our client, needed to connect to the server, will be available at the day of the launch.

The premium time is set so that there will be 10 days of free premium time
left when the server launches. You haven't lost anything by creating your account earlier.

We're also working on our own cam recorder, it will be available some time after the launch.
27 May 2016 (23:11)

The server is going to launch on 12.06.2016 20:00(CEST/GMT+2)

I'm pleased to announce the revival of Classictibia!
An oldschool server focused on bringing its players the pure experience of Tibia 7.4.

   The goal of our server is to allow the players to relive the times of Tibia 7.4, which is widely considered to be the best version of oldschool Tibia. The files on which the server runs are the same files Remere used to run Classictibia back in 2009/2010. The files were already nearly perfect and we've made sure that all of the few remaining flaws were fixed. We can confidently say that the server is now a replica of Real Tibia 7.4!


Server information

Website: classictibia.com
E-mail: support@classictibia.com

Exp rate x2
Loot rate x1
Skill rate x2
Magic level rate x1
Mana/HP regen x2
7.4 frag system; 3/day, 5/week, 10/month to receive a red skull. After doubling any of these values your account will be banned.


The concept

  We don't intend to update the game. We want to maintain the unique feel of Tibia 7.4. If we were to consider any changes at all, first, we're going to make a poll to make sure that vast majority of players want the change in question to happen.

  We are two oldschool Tibia players* that wanted to create a place where the legend of Tibia 7.4 could live on. We are hosting the server out of our love for the game. As such, we don't have profit on our minds. The only service that can be purchased on Classictibia is the premium account. All the money earned via premium accounts will be used to maintain our high-quality host and to further advertise the server, (otservlist.org campaigns and more) so that the Classictibia community will remain full of life.

  The only custom feature of Remere's Classictibia was the addition of Epic Quests. We've decided to remove Remere's Epic Quests (as there surely are people who remember how to solve them) and replace them with our own Epic Quests. The Epic Quests are extremely difficult and challenging as they require both a high-level character and an ability to solve riddles. Epic Quests are the only custom feature of Classictibia, they can be only done once, meaning that items constituting their rewards (such as Demon Legs or Horned Helmet, to name two) will remain one of a kind rares forever.

* Angar  - the Game Master and Blackadder  - the Community Manager responsible for the forum.


Technical stuff

    Classictibia is hosted on a dedicated server with  solid anti-DDoS protection. The hosting is paid for a year in advance. As we are stable financially, we can guarantee the server will stay online for years to come. We possess a 7.4 client that supports DirectX and OpenGL. The client is constructed in a way that will greatly complicate running any kind of illegal software. However, if any cheaters manage to find a way to use such software, I will take care of them personally.

  If you have any questions regarding the server, ask them on our website's forum.