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#1 2016-09-19 01:03:26

GM Angar
Level: 2
Vocation: None

Tutor recruitment contest

Due to the sudden growth of Classictibia population I've decided to recruit 2 tutors.

Who are tutors, what are their capabilities, and what are their responsibilities?

Tutors on Classictibia are not regular players. They are level 2 characters without the ability to pick up, use or move items. The only thing they're capable of doing, besides using the chat, is the ability to teleport to other players. Tutors cannot turn invisible.

Tutors are responsible for answering players' questions on help channel and collecting reports on all the issues reported by others.

Can I become a tutor and simultaneously play a regular character?

Yes, there's nothing stopping you from doing that as tutors possess no powers that could give their regular characters advantage over other players.

What are the requirements to become a tutor?

I will pick 2 candidates that I find best suited to fulfill tutor's duties. I will base my choice on three criteria;
- the quality of the FAQ, which is the practical task that will help me determine candidates' knowledge about the game.
- possession of applicable traits (I'm going to verify that by talking to the candidates I will consider among the best),
- answers to the form posted below.

It is entirely possible that I won't recruit anyone if no candidate will manage to meet the requirements to my contentment.

So what's the FAQ I've mentioned before?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is what I expect all the candidates to prepare in order to verify their knowledge about the game. The best one will be posted on our website. The FAQ should contain answers to all the questions that you consider important to players that have never played Tibia 7.4 before. It should outline all the crucial differences between the 7.4 and the later versions of the game and cover the basic aspects of the game. It should be mostly text-based, some images are fine.

What are the traits that the candidate should possess?

- vast knowledge about the game and all its mechanics
- proficiency in English
- patience
- politeness
- thick skin

The form (post the answers in this thread along with the link to your FAQ):
- Approximately how many hours do I spend in-game per week (and at what time of the day, CEST):
- The languages I speak:
- My experience playing Tibia 7.4:
- Why do I enjoy old school Tibia:
- Why do I want to waste my precious time being a tutor:

The deadline of submitting forms and FAQs is 21.09.2016 16:00(CEST).

I do realize that the recruitment process is rather demanding, but I find that to be the best way to weed out people that aren't actually determined enough to make for good tutors.

A word of warning; tutorship will most likely not be satisfying, unless you feel a genuine call for helping other players.

#2 2016-09-19 02:59:48

Level: 28
Vocation: Sorcerer

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

- Approximately how many hours do I spend in-game per week (and at what time of the day, CEST): I usually spend around 15+ hours in-game per day, but sometimes it gets different depending if I have to do something important. But right now I'm not having any Job so I'm online very much. I get online around 11:00 - 12:00 usually and stay up online till late night. Sometimes I go sleep around 03:00.

- The languages I speak: Swedish, English, Bosnian (all 3 languages fluently).

- My experience playing Tibia 7.4: I have been playing alot of Tibia 7.4 OT-servers, it happens that you play it with your friends and after a time you quit that server, then you see another one starting and you start that one. But I usually played those highrates for a while where you took fast levels and went for war with friends, but I started recently to enjoy lowrates more. I have done many quests, hunting many places in tibia, know much stuff about 7.4 in general. My experience have been fun when playing 7.4.

- Why do I enjoy old school Tibia: I enjoy old school Tibia very much, due to many reasons. First one is because it brings back the nostalgic feeling of how great the game was. The second reason is that the actual people ingame build the community and that is great and awesome in oldschool tibia, which is aswell why I enjoy playing it. I enjoy it very much, due to stated reasons above and other more. Its just awesome version, for me I've been an oldschool player and sticked to it since then.

- Why do I want to waste my precious time being a tutor: I don't do anything else then playing Tibia right now, and I actually would rather like to help others ingame, and report bugs rather than playing the game myself. Because I wanna chill for a bit and relax and help others, because that's what I really like to do, is helping others and having nice conversations. I can sit online whole day and just relax and talk to people, and have fun with them and of course help them with whatever issue they may have or their questions in general. I'm very professional in the job so I will always talk with the person in a good way and be responsive.

Lets move on to FAQ, I could add more if needed but this is what came up in my head while doing this.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Question: Is there tasks on this server?
Answer: There is no task system on this server.

Question: How do I share experience with my summons?
Answer: You will always get half of the experience from your summons. It doesn't matter if you summon one or two creatures, you will still get half of the exp.

Question: What commands are available ingame as a normal player?
Answer: Available commands: /online, /frags, /leavehouse and /blessings.

Question: Do I need worms to be able to fish?
Answer: No, you just need a fishing rod.

Question: Does 7.4 UH-trap feature work?
Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: Are there wands and rods on this server?
Answer: No, but there is a few different wands, although they dont do any damage, they only give you light.

Question: Can I rope myself if im standing on the rope spot or if any item is on it?
Answer: No you can't.

Question: Do I have to pick up my spears?
Answer: Yes after you throw a spear it will land on the ground, so you must pick it up again.

Question: Can I buy runes from magic shop?
Answer: No it does not exist here. You can only buy blank runes, mana fluid, life fluid and spellbook.

Question: Do I have to buy Spells?
Answer: Yes you have to buy spells.

Question: Do small stones break?
Answer: Yes they break after a while.

Question: How much does Amulet of Loss cost?
Answer: It costs 50k and you buy it from Eremo.

Question: When is server save?
Answer: 05:00 CEST (GMT+2).

/ Amagic smile

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#3 2016-09-19 12:44:01

Level: 78
Vocation: Royal Paladin

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

I think that especially the FAQ proposal submission should have been blind, because otherwise the people applying earlier are at a disadvantage. For instance, at this point having read the Amagic's post, I am - to a degree - influenced by his answers.

Nevertheless, here are my answers:

How much time do I spend in-game and at what time of the day?
That would be 3-6 hours in a week-day (mostly evenings: 6-12 PM CEST) and 6+ on weekends (after 12 AM CEST).

What languages do I speak?
Polish (mother-tongue), English (fluently)

My experience playing Tibia 7.4:
I used to play in years 2004-2007, first on Danubia and then on Aurea, Guardia. I was not a power-gaming type; I managed to get a 60ek on Danubia (Cainghorn), 88rp on Aurea (Dagothar - moved that one to Guardia) and 47ms on Guardia (Darfa'Mea). The characters still exist. I used to be a tutor, getting upgraded to senior tutor status at some point.

Why do I enjoy old-school Tibia?
I had wonderful experience playing Tibia years ago, getting to meet amazing people and collecting many good memories. I enjoy the simple, minimalistic even, nature of the game. Nostalgia also takes some part in this, I believe.
I'd rather not dignify the current version of Tibia giving it a comparison to this gem.

Why do I want to waste my precious time as tutor?
Being of calm and, as said earlier, not that much of a competitive nature, I like to spend some time idling around and enjoying the RPG side of the game. I'd love to be able to spend that time to help other people. I am sure I can take care of the arising issues with competence and professional approach.

I believe Amagic has done excellent work outlining some of the possible questions in his post. I don't want to repeat his input. These are the additions, that similarly came to my mind:

Q: Are depots not protection zones? I do not get a protection zone icon while inside.
A: There is no protection zone icon indicating that you are inside one. The protection zones are to be found in town depots, temples and some additional areas on the map.

Q: Are the boats protection zones?
A: No, boat traps are still possible in this version.

Q: Can I use a rope to lift my lootbag up a level?
A: No, you have to use the Magic Rope spell (exani tera) to do that. There was a mouse trick possible to execute in the real 7.4 version to achieve the same, but it is not functional in this version.

Q: Can I use Battle Window to target other players with runes?
A: No.

Q: How do I purchase a house?
A: You have to enter an auction on the Houses sub-page of the classictibia.com website.

Q: How do I invite other characters to my house?
A: Use 'aleta sio' spell while being inside. Enter the names in the list, with one name per line.

Q: What are the experience, skill, magic level and loot rates on this server?
A: You gain experience at 2x rate at levels 1-100. The rate is lowered to 1.5x for levels 100-150, and then to 1x for levels 150+. The skill gain is set to 2x. The magic level is gained at 1x rate, but this is offset with the 2x regeneration gain. The loot is 1x.

Q: Is there no health/mana potions in this game?
A: Mana fluids are used to assist with mana regeneration. Life fluids are available, but not economical/practical to use at levels above Rookgaard. The healing is done with spells and Intense/Ultimate Healing runes.

Q: Where can I find the spells available and the correct incantation words?
A: Please check the Spells sub-page of the classictibia.com website.

Q: Is there an 'adori blank' spell in the game?
A: No, you have to buy the blank runes in the appropriate magic shop.

Q: Can I change my gold coins into platinum/crystal in this version of the game?
A: Yes. You have to visit a local branch of the Bank of Tibia. The bank is not located in the depots in this version of the game.

Q: Can I deposit my gold with the bank?
A: No.

Q: Is the depot space shared between cities?
A: No.

Q: Do I get some starting equipment when leaving Rookgaard?
A: No.

Q: Is there a skull system in this server?
A: Yes. Red skull is gained after 3/day, 5/week or 10/month unjustified kills.

Q: Can I run into a protection zone after attacking a player that attacked me and got a skull?
A: No. You do get protection zone block as well.

I could add more, and would gladly help with constructing the FAQ document if the deadline is extended smile

Best regards,

#4 2016-09-19 14:23:21

Level: 22
Vocation: Druid

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

GM Angar,
Is there possibility for Tutor to teleport himself wherever he wants to? For example to check respawn at tombs etc?
To avoid abusing the Tutor position, I suggest You to block the function of teleport wherever Tutor want.
Only allow them to directly teleport to players and moving by the keyboard arrows.

My advice smile

#5 2016-09-19 17:07:54

GM Angar
Level: 2
Vocation: None

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

Thank you for your applications.
I find it surprising that both of you guys have decided to simply post your FAQs here instead of linking to some kind of password-protected source, so that others wouldn't be able to borrow ideas for questions from you.

Nygiler wrote:

GM Angar,
Is there possibility for Tutor to teleport himself wherever he wants to? For example to check respawn at tombs etc?
To avoid abusing the Tutor position, I suggest You to block the function of teleport wherever Tutor want.
Only allow them to directly teleport to players and moving by the keyboard arrows.

My advice smile

A quote from the first post:

GM Angar wrote:

Tutors on Classictibia are not regular players. They are level 2 characters without the ability to pick up, use or move items. The only thing they're capable of doing, besides using the chat, is the ability to teleport to other players. Tutors cannot turn invisible.

So to answer your question, no, they're not able to teleport wherever they want, there's no way the tutor position can be abused.

#6 2016-09-19 18:15:07

Level: 26
Vocation: Druid

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

- Approximately how many hours do I spend in-game per week (and at what time of the day, CEST):

So, when it comes to normal working days that I can devote up to 8 hours, usually from about 13 to the North, when it comes to holidays from 10 to midnight or even longer, depending on the desire and the time-you know everyone is human and it happens over time.

- The languages I speak:

My native language is Polish, omitting the Polish language I know extended-level English and it seems to me that quite well it communicates.

- My experience playing Tibia 7.4:

My experience with the Tibia was started from the Tibia 7.4 when the first time I saw and heard about this game, I lost really lots of hours and I was learning the basics but my contact was not only on RL Tibia as well as on private servers, where his time heavily plunges in the ins and outs of and tried to create a variety of their projects and also helped with quite a large Polish server. But as I mentioned above my whole career began from the Tibia 7.4 and just I can say that in these climates I lost most of the time.

- Why do I enjoy old school Tibia:

Why I returned to the Tibia? This simple question and you can tell that there came back because I play constantly on the tibia, last only I happened to go to the new version but for a very short time due to the bots and not only that, but apart from the fact I went back to the Tibia 7.4 due to the climate and to the whole community built on this version, I could hear the Exchange do not know how much and I lacked the time to me, but the reason is very much, and besides, who once played and the game now will know what I mean, the current tibia is no longer the same as it used to and through it I get the old school tibia smile

- Why do I want to waste my precious time being a tutor:

Hmm, I think this is not the tutor function a waste of time, unless someone is doing it for profit or you do not know what ... and you know as it happens in the world, but when it comes to me, it's just wants to help in the development and wants to help in the building of good old community and want to enjoy with others from what time we can build, any help will be useful and the more people experienced, and the more that tutor you can come along with playing because you can play and amortized on the channel can help a player, so as I said for me it is not a waste of time because he wants to build a good community and want to enjoy your time with others.

- Experience on these types of functions:

By the same functions tutor I passed many times, even I would have said a lot of times not only on private servers and also I had the initial conversation on RL tibia, when it comes to private servers it was going mostly by the largest Polish servers type Hexera and it is on these servers I took the position type of tutor, senior tutor and in later times even CM

But now it's time go to part with FAQ, as befits a FAQ Server some of that may be smile I recommend sit and read quietly

Question #1: Whether on ships is to protect?
Answer No, this is so old version of tibia at that time yet nobody thought, so each player must on each account

Question #2: Is there a bank, you can somehow pay the money?
Answer No, in this version the Bank was not yet, your only option is to change the money from e.g. Gold > Platinum

Question #3: Whether the spells you need to buy?
Answer So, to buy a charm you need to have the appropriate magic level and the right amount of money, here you can see the list of spells [Spells]

Question #4: Can I buy a House?
Answer Of course, simply enter the page then go to the House

Question #5: Whether the Rookgaard looks the same as on the old tibia and are start-up items?
Answer As to the first part of the question is Yes, Rookgaard looks almost the same-when it comes to items that do not receive any start-up items

Question #6: If each player has a chance to get to the features of the tutor?
Answer Of course, each player can try their hand and write a petition

Question #7: If the server is a task system?
Answer No, this version of tibia has not yet been done system

Question #8: Whether this version of tibia is Amulet of Loss?
Answer Yes, you can buy at NPC Eremo for 50 k

Question #9: Can also fly out Spears to the ground?
Answer Yes, it is a system with the old tibia

Question #10: What if you see that someone is using a bot?
Answer Just the person to report via the form in the game CTRL + R, remember to write exactly what's going on, and to send nick of the person concerned

I could write these questions until tomorrow or even for a few days but does not have the greatest sense.


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#7 2016-09-19 18:43:31

Yang Xiao Long
Level: 63
Vocation: Elite Knight

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

EDIT, decided to apply for tutorship afterall

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#8 2016-09-19 23:06:26

Yang Xiao Long
Level: 63
Vocation: Elite Knight

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

EDIT~ i forgot to add my hours available online, im pretty much available most times of the day except for 3 hours before server save

i was going to post a textdump link, but i figure i should just post it all here since all the other applicants have posted publicly


player name: Yang Xiao Long(49 ek)/Weiss Schnee(21 ed)/Ruby Rose(8 sorcerer)/Blake Belladonna(8 paladin)/Jaune Arc(12 rookstayer)

Tutor name: Penny(i would make a new character on new account)

real name: Travis Rogers, Maine, United States
age: will be 26 years old in november
languages: just English fluently, i know sparse amounts of other languages, but i am quick at google translator to try to communicate with other players, i also like to make friends of different nationalities so i can ask them for better translations when i need to explain things better

I have played tibia since the end of the 7.1~ era in december 2002 on amera at the age of 11 years old. I have always been a RPG/math geek and fell in love with the game of tibia in these early days, getting absorbed into the game and learning all i could about the games secrets and mechanics.  I am huge into map exploration, i know the map very well. Other games i enjoyed in my early days include diablo 2, the legend of zelda series, final fantasy series.

I am the kind of player who would play tibia singleplayer, but preferably with 1-50 friendly players who i know or don't know, I grow at odds with the players who play just to troll and harass other players, try to ruin other players fun, though i know they are an unfortunate fact of life

I have played tibia pvp for 7~ years on and off, from 2002-2009 on amera, antica, julera, silvera primarily, then I moved to non-pvp on calmera in years later

I have always been anti-pk/anti-pvp unless neccesary, I have been in some wars on those old servers but over the years came to understand that players didn't war for any reason or virtue other than to have fun, and many players use cheats just to skip what i consider to be the real game so they can get straight to high levels and pvp.

I always try to make friends of all nationalities and backgrounds, and try to stop fights as much as possible if able to, though it is often unavoidable. I try to preach to players that there are good and bad people/players from every country and not to bully others simply because of what language they speak and what country they are from

I think global/original tibia's downfall is due to the player base being full of cheaters who want to exploit an advantage however they can to get ahead and become dominant on the server, and then cipsofts weakness to stop them and implementing update after update that makes tibia easier with built in tools/cheats such as auto aim and full light on screen

since 2008-2009 i have tried many 7.4 ots and games like tibia(medivia, zezenia) trying to recapture the glory that was the early days of tibia, i usually burn out and stop playing after 6-12 months due to excessive power abusement/war or other real life activities

my favorite things about 7.4 version is respect from players(some at least, always trolls/disrespect as well), skill training in parties with friends, mana sitting, hunting monsters with teams of players because the world is dangerous to go alone


"How much is bp of (rune)/armor/weapon worth?".
- If the player asks in help chat i will direct them to the game-chat where they can ask their peers on the days common agreed upon prices, if they ask in game-chat i will try to help them on the average price to the best of my abilities unless another player helps them within a reasonable time

"is there a gm here? player X is breaking the rules".
- control + R to report rule violations

"how/where can i buy exura/light/vocation spells in edron?"
- The edron magical academy towers sell premium only spells to all players, if you want to buy your normal vocational spells i suggest thais or other free account cities

"what level do i need to make (rune)?"
- you need higher magic levels to buy advanced spells, you need levels to obtain enough mana to cast the spells

"do levels make me stronger?"
- melee/distance damage does not get stronger with levels, only weapon x skill, magic spells/runes DO get stronger with more levels, and all vocations can benefit from levels with their spells and runes damage, also each level makes you faster which improves your PVP and PVM abilities.

"does the rope trick work?"
- no, you will need 2 players or the magic rope spell to rope a bag up a hole

"how many kills until red skull/ban?"
- /frags

"how do I experience share?"
- all players need to be within 2/3rds levels of the highest level in the party, then the party leader loses battle status and right clicks himself to enable experience share. as long as all of the players are within close proximity to each other and everybody is helping deal damage or healing each other with sio, the experience share will work

"are there tasks here?"
- no

"are there blessings/how much do they cost?"
  - blessings cost 10k each flat regardless of your level, each blessing reduces skill/exp loss by 1% each, promoted players already benefit from a 3% reduction in exp/skill loss making a total of 2% exp/skill loss on death of a promoted player with full blessings. blessings however do not protect your items/backpack, if you want to protect your items/backpack on death you will need an AOL which you can buy for 50k from eremo

"Do wands/rods exist here/how do i level as a mage"
- wands and rods do not exist, mages must use melee/distance weapons like the other vocations starting out. I suggest using clubs as they are easy and cheap to obtain, and the ultimate club is lightweight to use, spears are also a good choice as they have a heafty 30 attack and pierce shielding of monsters and can prepare you for burst arrows later on.  with a few levels and magic levels you will see great improvements of magical damage with spells and runes and will hunt primarily with their power from then on.

"do spears/small stones break/fall to the ground?"
- yes distance items fall to the ground, spears never break, small stones do break at a fair rate, throwing stars break at a high chance, throwing knives break 100%

"do i need to buy spells?"
- yes

"are arrows/bolts infinite?"
  - no you need to buy or make arrows/bolts

"how much is promotion?"
- 20k

"What are the server rates?"
- 2x exp to level 100, 1.5x exp to level 150, 1x exp after that. 2x melee/distance/shielding rate, 1x magic level rate, 2x mana/health recovery for faster healing/magic level advancement

"is it worth it to get promotion?/what are the benefits of promotion?"
- yes it is very worth it, knights get 2x faster health regeneration of their already fastest health regeneration, as well as the ability to buy the exeta res "challenge" spell, mages get 2x faster mana regeneration making rune making and mana recovery much better. Paladins get faster health and mana recovery, though slower than mage or knight.

"what is the best vocation? is it worth it to play x vocation?"
- all of the vocations are good depending on your playstyle, knights are the best tanks and loot holders with free unlimited melee attacks, paladins level and skill the easiest with quick growth, become mediocre at exceedingly high levels compared to their peers but are still powerful/versatile, sorcerers have the most offensive power with the ability to make sudden death runes and use instant spells such as great energy beam and energy wave and the almighty UE, druids on the other hand have less offensive spells but they can still use sudden death runes to equally effectiveness of the sorcerer as well as make paralyze runes, and have the very useful exura sio spell for healing friends and can make the universally useful ultimate healing rune

"what is the best weapon type for knights?"
- that is debatable, though the majority choose swords for their versatility, axes have the highest attack stat, with lower defense values. equipping a shield with a good defense makes weapon defense pointless. but the giant sword has more defense than the dragonlance which will be the best weapon you can obtain unless you go all the way to the annihilator quest and get stonecutters axe or magic sword. Magic sword has impressive defense and can be used without a shield even though it is 1 handed, but stone cutters axe still has the best attack in the game and paired with the best shield in the game trumps magic swords defense. Swords have the exclusive ice rapier which has 100 attack, double that of the stonecutters axe, but breaks in only 1 hit making it an expendable resource similar to runes

"what is the best way to get food?"
- fishing, don't need worms to fish!

"are the boats protection zone?"
- no, the depots, temples, and houses are protection zones

"is there a bank?/do i have bank account?"
- yes there is a bank, but players do not have individual bank accounts, banks help you exchange gold/platinum/crystal coins, you keep your gold in your depot/house"

"how do i buy house?"
- if you are premium, bid on an auctioned house on the website, keep gold in the depot of the city where you want to buy the house, after you win the house remember to keep some gold in that same depot for rent every month

"how can i make gold/obtain starter eq"
- ask some friendly players for help, or do it the old fashioned way and kill rats then trolls and orcs and work on your set one piece at a time as you gain experience and strength

"what level to make summon?"
- level 22 for ghoul, 25 for fire devil, 27 for monk/orc berserker, 28 for demon skeleton, 29 for orc leader, 30 for fire elemental

"buying/selling XYZ / looking for team to quest!"
- sir thats not a question, please take your trades to the trade channel or the trade forum on the website, and look for quest help on game-chat or the quest forum on the website

Thanks for taking the time to read all that if you have, I know I gave more than a few long winded answers in there, i could go on and on about more questions of the game but i think that should suffice the FAQ and then some

I hope good things for the servers future, I appreciate your efforts to make the server better and more stable with all these players

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#9 2016-09-20 09:46:14

Level: 34
Vocation: Druid

Re: Tutor recruitment contest


I am a little curious about the decision to separate the tutor character from your regular character, as opposed to how Tibia does it. I spend a lot of time in game, and I think I, of course amongst many others, would be an adequate candidate. However, reading that the tutor character is another character put me off a little bit. As far as I understand it, this means a tutor has to give up playing as a regular player unless he creates a new account and uses multi client?

CipSoft can be criticized for many things, but the tutor system they had was pretty convenient: a character could play as usual while at the same time aiding the community by having a stronger voice on the help chat, and special reporting capabilities (at least Senior Tutors).

After having central roles in many Tibian communities, I have taken a step back from that game, and now after some months I ended up here. Since I joined I have been looking around for a tutor test or form somewhere, as I genuinely want to contribute (as you probably noticed when I jumped on you with the C-help offer, I realize that was a little spontaneous). Even though I usually play many hours a day, I don't want to refrain from being online on my main char Gogesa, and I also don't feel like juggling two windows. That's not the Tibia experience I am looking for.

Not that I think you should feel sorry for not having my application, that's not what I'm trying to convey, I am sure you'll find many qualified candidates. I guess what I really mean is that I hope that the players who wants to play the game as it is with only one account, and contribute at the same time, will be given a chance for tutorship in the future.

Best regards,

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#10 2016-09-20 18:55:48

GM Angar
Level: 2
Vocation: None

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

Hello Gogesa.

Let me shed some light on why I've decided that tutors need to be separate characters.

The main duty of tutors, aside from the usual moderation of in-game channels, will be answering players' reports.

If a report concerns a problem with the map, the tutor needs to teleport to the reporting player and verify whether there's actually a problem. If there's indeed an issue, the tutor will have to take a screenshot of the problem and send it me along its description, once I'm available.

Similarly, if a report concerns a player using some kind of illegal software, the tutor will have to teleport to the reported player and record the evidence that I will later review (as tutors themselves will not be able to ban people).

Since in order do do those things tutors need the teleportation power, I don't think it would wise to give it to their regular characters as it could be easily abused. Instead, I've decided that tutors should be separate characters, unable to move, pick up or use items. Having only the ability to teleport to other players (not random places) I can be sure that they won't abuse their position in any way.

#11 2016-09-20 19:27:38

Level: 27
Vocation: Knight

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

If they would be allowed to play on their tutor characters, there will be plenty people interested in hunting them down just for fun, just like it was with that streamer

#12 2016-09-20 21:57:26

Level: 34
Vocation: Druid

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

GM Angar wrote:

Hello Gogesa.

Let me shed some light on why I've decided that tutors need to be separate characters....

That makes good sense, and in many ways I guess you can say they will be lesser gamemasters. Thanks for your explanation, and rest assured I will apply should you ever decide to open spots for tutors understood in the traditional way!

Good luck to everyone.


#13 2016-09-21 15:20:42

Level: 41
Vocation: Elder Druid

Re: Tutor recruitment contest

Approximately how many hours do I spend in-game per week (and at what time of the day, CEST):

Usually couple of hours at the moment.It may vary from 3hours a day to 10 hours,however when university starts in October I may not be active as I am now.

The languages I speak:

English (Considering it as B2/C1) and Polish as native.

My experience playing Tibia 7.4:

None,this is my first server.I started playing Tibia in 7,6 version,however I always wanted to be MS/ED wielding weapon instead of wand/rod and make runes.

Why do I enjoy old-school Tibia?

Tibia nowadays is like real OTS, doesn't  matter if you are 500 level or 300.Basically you experience in same places , there are many botters, no one shows respect anymore.I miss these times when people chat near depot,were going together to do quests ,were making friends instead of just pursuing levels.

Why do I want to waste my precious time being a tutor:

Well I may not show it.but I'm rather nice person who feels sorry for newbies and I rather help them every time instead of ignoring them. I've seen that many players experience this OTS as their first Tibia gameplay and not even 7.4 version.I usually hang around global chats anyway and I answer their questions.


1.When was the server launched?
Server has been launched 12.06.2016, although many players were brought here in the midldle of September.These players have advantage over newcomers,that is how Tibia was back then.
2.Have there been wipes?
Currently not a single reset has occurred ,however keep in mind that server may not last 10 years and someday your character may be gone.
3.Will I be given help after leaving rookgard?
No, everything you get you need to obtain only by yourself and friends that you met through your journey in Tibia.Keep in mind that many players will help newcomers,but do not be rude.
4.Do I need to buy premium to fully enjoy this server?
No, you are given 10 days of free premium account in order to experience gameplay. Back then Tibia didn't have many premium spells and hunting places that were giving advantages for players with premium account.Consider PACC as more hunting places available for you ,faster regeneration with promotion and less crowded areas.
5.Is botting allowed on this server?
No,botting is not allowed, however you can run one additional character at the same time (multiclient).
6.How do I open multiclient then?
Just type in Google "Gamemaster trick old tibia".
7.I picked master sorcerer/elder druid but I feel I'm much weaker than elite knight/royal paladin.Please add wands/rods!
Unfortunately there were no rods/wands in old Tibia.Yes,it's true that on lower levels MS/ED is in a huge disadvantage,however  in later stages they become much stronger than two other vocations.
8.I can't see protection zone icon , where is it?
You can't see protection zone icon.PZ only occurs in depots and temples.That's right there is no PZ on ships , so beware with your actions and don't carry precious items while traveling.You can't also immediately log out if you enter protection zone after fighting a monster (Battle icon).
9.Do I need to buy spells?
es you do, however if you have never played Tibia 7.4 before please check spells on Classictibia.com site, since there was rework with mana cost in 7.6 version.
10.Where do I buy runes?
You have to make them on your own or buy from other players.There are no other possibilities except some quests to get them.Keep in mind that runes don't stack.
11.Where are mana potions?
In this version they are called manafluids and cost 100gp.They are very expensive and give only around 50 mana, so think twice before using them.
12.How do I report Bot/Insulting players/Harassment?
Please use Ctrl + R combination and wait for gamemaster response ,He will do it for sure as long as He is online.
13.How does PvP work on this server?
PvP is similar to retro-pvp servers.Keep in mind that you need to aim runes manually on player, for example aiming Sudden Death rune while running requires vast amount of skill.Beware of parties,since If you don't know your new friend he can kill you for free without activating skull.
14.Are there punishments for killing players?
Frag system - 3/day, 5/week, 10/month to recieve a red skull.After doubling any of these values your account will be banned.
15.How do I buy house?
You can pick the house you like on site and start bidding.Remember that you need sufficient amount of money in the depot of city that house is in.After three days if you are the winner and have sufficient amount of money in correct city,housing procedure will occur during next server save.If player who won auction doesn't have sufficient amount of money,second best offer will win.
16.Do blessings exist?
Yes they do,however they protect only against experience loss.In order to not lose items you need to wear Amulet of loss as well.
17.Can I deposit/transfer money?
No, you can't.Banks only exist to change your gold into platinum , platinum into crystal coins , crystal coins into platinum and platinum into gold coins.
18.How does damage calculator here?
Damage increases 2% with lvl and 3% with magic level.So don't be surprised if low level elite knight deals same damage with Hmm rune as master sorcerer.In later stages difference is more noticeable.
19.Are there any equipment restrictions?
No,there aren't any equipment restrictions which means that if you are rich enough you can play with giant sword as eight level knight or wear magic plate armor as master sorcerer/elder druid.
20.Where do I sell items?
Djins exist in this version,however Rashid doesn't .Keep in mind that players will probably pay much more for items than non-player characters. Hunting in 7.4 was dangerous,expensive and required many players which affected the final price.

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