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#1 2017-01-19 01:31:35

GM Angar
Level: 2
Vocation: None

First new quest teaser


A settler named Lester first arrived to these lands with his people many years ago.
As a wise man he made a pact with the local bandit chieftain.
The two groups were to live together in peace if the bandits helped Lester's men in building the first major settlement of the region.
The bandits agreed and so the settlement was built without starting a conflict.
As the years went by, forces commanded by Lester grew stronger. He was no longer satisfied with the pact.
He decided to construct a wall around the settlement to keep the bandits away, build a harbor to start maritime trade and train some of his men as soldiers so they would guard the colony.
Alas, Lester has overestimated his own strength.
The bandit chieftain had recruited the best mercenaries these lands had to offer.
Knowing the terrain surrounding the settlement they managed to sneak inside and retake it from Lester's men.
Lester knew he was doomed. He instructed his two sons to split up and run away.
The older son was sent to the west. His younger brother - up north.
Lester also had a third, bastard son Daniel, whom he suspected of treason. As his last order while still in power, he banished Daniel.
Afterwards, Lester did all he could to focus the attention of the bandits on himself so that his sons could run away.
He ventured deep inside the nearby cave carrying his most treasured items hoping to hide it before the bandits get to him.
Since that day his two sons are plotting to retake the settlement from the bandits and to reclaim their father's legacy.


#2 2017-02-04 18:56:55

Level: 52
Vocation: Druid

Re: First new quest teaser

Can't wait untill you finally realease the quest. I hope it won't be too simple in terms of like... solving a puzzle, but not too hard in terms of level requirement. smile  Don't we all love some good old mysterandos.

#3 2017-02-23 02:38:29

Anata wa Haishadesu
Level: 110
Vocation: Sorcerer

Re: First new quest teaser

When does this happen?

#4 2017-03-08 22:00:38

Rohan Mordor
Level: 95
Vocation: Elite Knight

Re: First new quest teaser

So much update so much wow  ^^

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