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#1 2016-11-24 23:01:43

GM Angar
Level: 2
Vocation: None

Capture the barrel event

I have the pleasure of announcing a Capture the barrel event, that is going to take place on both Classictibia servers.
The dates are 26.11.2016 18:00(CET) for EU and 3.12.2016 18:00(BRST) for BR.

The rules:
The event will take place on arena.
Players will be split into two equal teams, red and green. The limit of players in each team is set to 15.
Should there be more players willing to take part in the event, there will be a minigame to determine the 30 participants.
Both teams have the same objective; to push more barrels into their base than the other team.
It is allowed to steal the barrels from the opposite team's base.
Barrels will be located in the middle section of the arena.
The barrels are indestructible.
The format is best of 3 rounds. Each round will last for 20 minutes.
There will be around 40 barrels in the first round, around 20 in the second, and around 10 in the third, placed at random in the arena.

Members of the winning team will receive a souvenir commemorating their victory.
See you all there!

#2 2016-11-25 00:58:03

Level: 68
Vocation: Elite Knight

Re: Capture the barrel event

'm glad to see your post, please do not let this server die I really like it ..
I will be present at the event.

#3 2016-11-25 07:37:42

Duck Malo
Level: 141
Vocation: Elite Knight

Re: Capture the barrel event

I really like God, you need to do more hair as it hand

#4 2016-11-25 12:39:55

Level: 62
Vocation: Sorcerer

Re: Capture the barrel event

Yessssss!!! I'm in!!! I will invite all my friend as well. I have one question though: Is it allowed to kill others while they are pushing the barrels o their respective base? Or is it going to be just a "fast hand" duel?
Angar you have no idea how much effort we (players) are doing to keep the server with people playing. Streaming, advertising on Facebook groups, commenting on YouTube channels and helping new players with equipments. However, without you actively playing our effort is even harder. I hope to talk to you soon.
Kind Regards,     

#5 2016-11-26 14:34:01

Level: 21
Vocation: Elder Druid

Re: Capture the barrel event

Great idea!

Id love to be there but I need to work! hmm I wish you all good luck and have some fun! wink

Keep the events going!! big_smile

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