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#1 2018-10-09 22:20:42

Level: 53
Vocation: Royal Paladin

Houses owners cleaning

Hey ClassicTibia Team,

My suggestion is to make changes in house owning system or at least in way when houses are taken from owner after long period of non being active.

Now we got bunch of houses occupied by unactive players.
Edron Flats, Flat 04
Owner: Kostka Rosolowa
Last login:    21 December 2016 (20:20)

The flat rent is like 1,4k per month and this player is on 121lvl. If he got 100k in dp (which is real) after 6 years he will be run out of cash. Flats are not taken away from players without premium.

#2 2018-10-12 07:16:25

Level: 12
Vocation: Sorcerer

Re: Houses owners cleaning

Agreed, some of the most popular houses in thais, are taken by people who haven't logged in this year, GM's by no means take any advice from me, I have never owned a server, but as a suggestion, stop focusing on this monster of the week nonsense and start focusing on stuff like this.

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