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#1 2019-07-17 18:06:52

Level: 141
Vocation: Knight

Everyone who wait for the "update".

Greetings. As you may know, i am one of th weirdos still playing here. Just because i love the spirit of 7.4 and everything that comes with it. Anyway, i KNOW for a fact that there are like 100 people atm 'waiting' for the update to happen. Dont you think that they (GMS) will be more active and working on it if we played meanwhile? I mean some of you are bored from it, some of you may have quit because its to addictive. Still i know, some of them are even in my own guild, that they are waiting. So please, come back. We need the community to be stronger. The more we are the louder we speak.

// Cane

#2 2019-07-19 04:41:33

Level: 154
Vocation: Master Sorcerer

Re: Everyone who wait for the "update".

It should not be the people who bring it to life.. it has always been on their table, they could of been active once a day or once a week, but they choose not to, it shows their character.

I will retire this month..  but it was bound to happen anyway... look at the inflation of money and levels on the server, needs a new world/server or its doomed for eternity.

It's a shame.. ive seen World Boss posts on the forum and he has some good points..
but as long as they don't listen, it seems it doesn't matter what good things you have to say
just check the polls what people voted and it has never been implemented to the game.

I know it's alot of Admin/Technical issues they are facing behind the scenes which make them sick of this.. not gonna go into details...

But to the people who choose to stay here anyway, Have fun guys, but don't expect too much! wink


#3 2019-07-19 04:42:26

Flamed Arrow
Level: 44
Vocation: Master Sorcerer

Re: Everyone who wait for the "update".

Sadly (or thanks god) I only started playing this server a couple of months ago. It would be cool that there were more people around, but I still enjoy it xD

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