Guild: Chernobyl Turtles

I made this guild to help newcomers get into the community. With gear that can be passed on once upgraded and hopefully we can work together to grow this server, if you want to join just write to me and i'll send you an invitation.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
The ElderMoodx (The Legend)26Elder Druid Offline
The NobleEddie Good Guy (Hi Mate)61Elite Knight Offline
Snabb29Master Sorcerer Offline
The OfficialAgahnim19Elder Druid Offline
Elder Dryad18Paladin Offline
Kamikaze Njinja17Sorcerer Offline
Maiek48Royal Paladin Offline
Natheal (The Kiwi Bloke)29Knight Offline
Pewewu22Master Sorcerer Offline
Pihebeus22Elder Druid Offline
Siemanko Sportowe Swiry23Druid Offline
Stunter30Master Sorcerer Offline
Sublime36Knight Offline
The Old Lady21Druid Offline
Vito Latora61Knight Offline
Zopse13Paladin Offline

Invited characters