Guild: Dark Mortals

We are a peaceful guild here to have fun together. We are picky about who we invite, so if you don't know any of us you won't be invited.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
Vato LocoZachary109Master Sorcerer Offline
Rifle107Royal Paladin Offline
Sarina112Royal Paladin Offline
Thanatos100Elite Knight Offline
Valian120Royal Paladin Offline
CarnalitoCantmiss Evershot58Royal Paladin Offline
Drunken Swordmaster87Elite Knight Offline
Eil (L)92Royal Paladin Offline
Fransk Flens70Elite Knight Offline
Khonen94Master Sorcerer Offline
Larkassy109Elite Knight Offline
Maatty120Elite Knight Offline
Rekkful76Royal Paladin Offline