Guild: Eternus

We of Eternus are a neutral guild whith a simple goal to have fun and support eachother. quests/hunts/guild events. we do not pk without reason. currently reqruiting. Minimum requirements: level 40+ and playing actively/// msg a leader for more info.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
CommanderTrion99Knight Offline
ChancellorDinosaur Boyfriend House93Paladin Offline
SentinelBoris52Royal Paladin Offline
Fanko25Royal Paladin Offline
Fire Skater (Eldorado)66Paladin Offline
Hawek48Royal Paladin Offline
Merome76Paladin Offline
Nethl37Royal Paladin Offline
Ravenous66Druid Offline
Roddan69Paladin Offline
Shiznits53Knight Offline

Invited characters