Guild: Nostalgia

We are the oldest active rpg guild in ClassicTibia. We protect our members but are neutral in server wars and never interested in pvp. Are you feeling Nostalgia for the good ole days? Currently only friends of members (main character level 40+) will be invited, so please get to know us before asking! Members are expected to follow server rules and guild rules, keep guild chat open, and converse in English to the best of their ability.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
Rias GremoryNana Altheryx (Crazy)104Elite Knight Offline
NanbakaRazzau69Knight Offline
ToteiDark Kahn62Knight Offline
Dionysus28Druid Offline
Eagleheart78Elite Knight Offline
Esential34Master Sorcerer Offline
Gemroy (Troublemaker)118Elite Knight Online
Haxnoto136Master Sorcerer Offline
Healern Dempa (Healer)54Elder Druid Offline
Heaven Missis (Nana Landlord)20Royal Paladin Offline
Jagemo56Elder Druid Offline
Liyk55Elder Druid Offline
Lord Silent46Elite Knight Offline
Maatty140Elite Knight Offline
Manaholic71Master Sorcerer Offline
Narcises (ForwardObserver)104Elite Knight Offline
Nieras103Paladin Offline
Panda Whale20Master Sorcerer Offline
Plundersson112Master Sorcerer Offline
Qukensson106Royal Paladin Offline
Roland Deschain (DemonBunny)153Master Sorcerer Offline
Royss61Master Sorcerer Offline
Shuwax63Royal Paladin Offline
Sonic81Royal Paladin Offline
Thanatos106Knight Offline
Thumpa (Pew Pew)104Royal Paladin Offline
Tiny Paws105Elite Knight Offline
Toptyp (HiLetterYes)105Elite Knight Offline
Torre187Master Sorcerer Online
Vaco (Whacko)102Royal Paladin Offline
Valdenzar94Royal Paladin Offline
Vexcon101Royal Paladin Offline
Viiszu56Elite Knight Offline
Zhoa60Master Sorcerer Offline