Guild: One Way

The Path, for all its simplicity, is not a straightforward game.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
The GuideGainmaster (Gain Gold GG)200Master Sorcerer Offline
The PathAllas Mammor170Royal Paladin Offline
Almighty Benkeh (OpenTibia Shop)108Royal Paladin Offline
Aritov136Knight Offline
Biancucci (Eudomar)107Elite Knight Offline
Black Shadow131Royal Paladin Offline
Down The Valley100Elder Druid Offline
Ella106Master Sorcerer Offline
Halleluja Herren Lever121Elite Knight Offline
Hikari106Elite Knight Offline
Jack Insane154Master Sorcerer Online
Jorgaani159Royal Paladin Offline
Scogroc109Elite Knight Offline
Sonorous (The two time)134Elite Knight Offline
Syndare100Master Sorcerer Offline
Van Damme (OpenTibia Shop)106Knight Offline
Xantea (OpenTibia Shop)136Master Sorcerer Offline
Xarvaus (Insaiyan)135Royal Paladin Offline
Zuzawoh (The Sniper)143Royal Paladin Offline
The ExplorerAmersy75Elite Knight Offline
Dead Aim (OpenTibia Shop)77Paladin Offline
Diifzera93Elite Knight Offline
Eldran46Master Sorcerer Offline
Inat89Paladin Offline
Lonia (OpenTibia Shop)78Druid Offline
Mystique (OpenTibia Shop)88Knight Offline
Neros (OpenTibia Shop)70Royal Paladin Offline
Peppa (Daddy Pig)45Elite Knight Offline
Rizzlas58Royal Paladin Offline
Solid Snake33Elite Knight Offline
Tico Mide Ladinho90Knight Online
Turbofarmor (OpenTibia Shop)75Knight Offline
Venturi92Royal Paladin Offline
Xenathos46Royal Paladin Offline

Invited characters

Evee Mita