Guild: Protection of the Forgotten

There where a time when everything felt real. We still dream about it. Now has the time come and we're taking it back!

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
GuildmasterSonorous100Elite Knight Offline
OfficersCash Mickey98Royal Paladin Offline
Memoria (VIP)100Master Sorcerer Offline
Rhymes70Elite Knight Offline
Venax Immortal72Royal Paladin Offline
RaidersAcacius44Paladin Offline
Choka69Knight Online
Dedon Knight46Knight Offline
Etip64Master Sorcerer Offline
Gigante39Sorcerer Offline
Girly23Elder Druid Offline
Hamsin49Master Sorcerer Offline
John Bonham61Elite Knight Offline
Kardear84Royal Paladin Offline
Kodziara39Knight Offline
Kristo (Meow)64Knight Offline
Mad Grimpy69Sorcerer Offline
Murvlaren39Elite Knight Offline
Nigah95Royal Paladin Offline
Pheonte Coniqua27Druid Offline
Sara43Elite Knight Offline
Senseless6Sorcerer Offline
Twardowski67Elder Druid Offline
Tylo Toxy53Elder Druid Offline
Ullis Gullis16Paladin Offline
Valise53Paladin Offline
Vervis (Destiny)43Paladin Offline

Invited characters