Guild: United Citizen Federation

Courage, Duty, Honour. We of the Federation welcome English speaking players to join us as long as you follow our rules. - Do not steal. - Do not kill players without a good reason. - Respect other players.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the PresidentTerry88Elite Knight Offline
a CitizenAlkas33Paladin Offline
Alverine47Royal Paladin Offline
Andrea Palladino51Royal Paladin Offline
Barad Dur30Paladin Offline
Blanteq67Royal Paladin Offline
Brownay10Paladin Offline
Cainghorn38Knight Offline
Chiff34Paladin Offline
Cogline20Druid Offline
Danny Marvelous54Master Sorcerer Offline
Darth Kethan24Knight Offline
Diyasi37Knight Offline
Eleshara (Ghetto Elf)15Druid Offline
Eric Ronaldo52Royal Paladin Offline
Eric Torres38Elder Druid Offline
Flint60Paladin Offline
Friend39Elder Druid Offline
Golden Arrow49Paladin Offline
Hammarby30Knight Offline
Heir Of Suns39Master Sorcerer Offline
Holla Get Dolla17Sorcerer Offline
Hydra21Master Sorcerer Offline
Insanely Sane37Royal Paladin Offline
Jason Genova23Paladin Offline
Kyiona17Druid Offline
Lervan61Sorcerer Offline
Maly Piotras50Sorcerer Offline
Mapogo24Knight Offline
Mcoz36Elite Knight Offline
Paradoxi Ssie Jaja19Druid Offline
Peon39Elite Knight Offline
Petri8Paladin Offline
Quantum20Elder Druid Offline
Rammstein17Druid Offline
Rune Maker21Master Sorcerer Offline
Russko Teh Joker27Knight Offline
Ruthless Rod22Sorcerer Offline
Ser Aymeric30Knight Offline
Shadows27Royal Paladin Offline
Skylar30Royal Paladin Offline
Slaxerz24Knight Offline
Tai Nidaray39Elite Knight Offline
Targaryen43Knight Offline
Tib Ian39Elite Knight Offline
Uczen Dartha Kethana15Druid Offline
Undelicious20Sorcerer Offline
Wladca Fretek50Knight Offline
Wotex35Knight Offline
Zeds Dead25Master Sorcerer Offline